1. Don't Wait!

Makeup and hair artists book up just as quickly as other vendors. Once you find the one for you, don't wait to book them for your big day.

2. Do your research

All makeup artists have their own style and preferences. Find one that suites your style. 

3. your wedding is not time to experiment!

If you are someone who doesn't wear makeup normally, you will likely not like seeing yourself in pictures with a full face of makeup and bright red lips (although I do love a good red lip!). Choose a makeup style that makes you comfortable and feels like the best version of yourself. Pictures last a lifetime and you will want to recognize yourself in them. 

4. always, always book a trial

It is so important that you and your artist get to discuss all the things you do and don’t like + you actually get to see what you will look like on your big day! Again, I say, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Search Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook – whatever site you prefer – leading up to your trial. Search the type of makeup you would like and show it to your artist. Together, you can find a happy medium.

5. skin is in!

What I mean is – your skincare is so important! It’s actually more important than the makeup. We can even out your skin tone, enhance the features you love, and color-correct dark spots, but what we can’t do is cover texture. I strongly recommend getting a facial and speaking to the esthetician about your skincare and what you should be using leading up to your wedding. They are just as helpful, if not more than dermatologist. 

6. trust your makeup artist

I say this to all my clients that never wear makeup. You may feel like you have a ton of makeup on, but I promise, it's worth it for the pictures! Pictures tend to wash you out, so a little extra blush, bronzer, or lip is not a bad thing. Don’t be afraid of the makeup! I know it’s not easy to see yourself differently, but you’re hiring a professional for a reason. I will do whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself, but for best results, trust me and allow me to do my job. 

7. gratuity

While this may not be a comfortable subject to talk about, there are many people who are curious and just don’t know what to do when  it comes to tipping their artists! If you are hiring a makeup artist through a company, it is recommended to tip your artist because she is likely only getting a percentage of the design fee you are paying. If you are hiring someone like me, who is freelancing on her own, tipping is not expected, but always appreciated. 

8. lipstick

Most makeup artists will gift you, the bride, lipstick to touch up for the day of your wedding. However, we do not provide for your bridal party, so we recommend telling everyone to have their own lipstick or gloss to apply that can be used to retouch throughout the day!

9. be on time

It's so easy to run behind on your big day. Any number of factors can contribute to the bride running late, but your makeup and hair don't have to. The best thing I can suggest is to create a time sheet that lists the hair and makeup appointments for you and your bridal party; then, tell your girls to be on time! Your plan may not go perfectly down to the minute, but it’s super helpful for the bridal party and bride to know who is going 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. 

10. pictures + thank yous!

Sending your vendors pictures of you on your wedding day or a little thank you note really means the world. It allows us to add your event to our portfolio and to see you glowing on one of the most important days of your life. This is our job and our passion. Seeing a bride in her gown with her new husband in all her glory gives us purpose!